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I am currently involved in the following music projects: Etmo meets Osk (London), Bruits De La Conversation "Les Retrouvailles" (Paris), and some Collaborations with Frank Alba (London)
You can check the music videos of the different projects !! Hope you like it !!



I am a French soprano / tenor saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer of electronic music and jazz, writing electronic tracks exploring eclectic beats and a wide array of sounds and influences. In London I got the chance to develop further more my collaboration with Spanish electronic musician, producer and composer OSK (Oskar Vizan). After releasing two solo albums under the name of Etmo, my main electronic project to continue further explorations is currently Etmo meets Osk. Following our first album 'Silver Liquid', I've invited Osk to record some new materials, this time we both brought our electronics beats to give different inspiration to our work.Through improvisation, we create tracks real time, live! Then we ad vocals, and more writing and structure following the live recording this time. Osk is the producer Master !! We found a really nice way of working together, really spontaneous, completing each other skills, managing to mix so many music influences. These new recordings features much more up-tempo beats comparing to our first album 'Silver Liquid', bringing new atmosphere and dynamics to our live set. We 've started to perform this new music live, in different places and events, among them London music venues, The Conway Hall, Cafe 1001, the summer Festival 48eme de Rue with Stephane Malenfant's visuals :) Check our new live performance video's above !! Etmo meets Osk on Fotone

ETMO MEETS OSK Live Video at : The Conway Hall + Cafe 1001

INTERVIEW : The making of the album Silver Liquid



I am a French soprano / tenor saxophonist, Clarinetist and composer of electronic music and jazz.
I started to get into electronic sounds some years ago. I first started playing live with various DJs, then I 've been writing my own electronic compositions exploring eclectic beats and a wide array of sounds and influences. I like to include in my tunes snippets from field recordings and recycled voices of friends and family. I used to call this musical exploration ‘From Ka’lei’ (ka’lei, Greek root of the word Kaleidoscope) to summarise the approach I have with live electronic performances in general and as well as with studio compositions.
I ‘ve been playing live under the name of Etmo with a changing line-up of collaborators including Mauro Cassavetz: Electronics + FX, keyboard, vocal, melodica and/or Oskar Vizan on laptop and FX, (previously I've been playing with Sio B'baas). I perform live playing soprano, tenor saxes, clarinet, ethnic flutes, percussion, kaos pad.

In May 2004 I have released and produced my first album ETMO "From Ka’lei". Above on the right inside!! It includes a DVD which is an interactive creation with 7 visual artists. At the same time, I’ve also featured on various electronic releases and collaborated with several musicians and bands in London (Franck Alba, Echoccult, Architeq, Eyelead, Pulsar, Cassavetz…).
My second solo album In the Desert came out in April 2010, check above in the middle.
A third album Silver Liquid under the project name Etmo meets Osk, check it above on the left!
Etmo meets Osk
is currently my main electronic project to continue further music explorations with Spanish electronic composer, performer, and producer Osk (Oskar Vizan), based in London. PRESS BOOK PDF

Also, I 've performed in London with the singer and guitar player Franck Alba (Piano Magic, The Fire Flies), with a song based project called KaliAlba (with Dani Cali).
I 've formed the music project, Bruits de la Conversation "Les Retrouvailles", with Map aka Olivier Lagodzki (Accordion, Trombone, vocal) based in Paris, Spiral Voice aka Nicolas Calvet (Tuba, Vocal), Braka (Drums, Vocal). The band performs French & Spanish popular songs. Check the live videos for these projets on this page !!




BRUITS DE LA CONVERSATION "Les Retrouvailles" Live at Festival de la Sorgue

BRUITS DE LA CONVERSATION "Les Retrouvailles" Live

Au coté d'Olivier Baron, un ami bugliste de jazz et compositeur, basé à Taiwan, j'ai commencé à jouer de nouveau un répertoire de chansons instrumentales jazz. En Europe, j'ai décidé de monter le projet Bruits de le Conversation, avec mon ami MAP aka Olivier Lagodzki (accordéon, trombone, chant) basé à Paris, afin de développer un répertoire de classiques de la chanson française et espagnole, en y ajoutant des voix, tout en les explorant instrumentalement. Cette musique appartient à la mémoire collective de beaucoup de personnes et notamment de migrants venus s'établir en France, et nous faisons partie d'entre eux, de sorte que nous l'embrassons !! Nous avons réussi à enrôler deux musiciens que nous connaissons depuis longtemps, et qui sont aujourd'hui basés à Paris : SPIRAL VOICE aka Nicolas Calvet (Tuba, Chant) et BRAKA (Batterie, Chant). Voilà des vidéos du groupe en concert !! Contacts

With Olivier Baron, a friend, flugelhorn jazz player and composer based in Taiwan, I started to play again a repertoire of instrumental jazz songs. In Europe, I decided to form the band "Bruits de la Conversation Les Retrouvailles" with my friend MAP aka Olivier Lagodzki (Accordion,Trombone, Vocal) based in Paris, to develop a repertoire of classic French and Spanish songs, adding vocals, and also exploring them instrumentally. This music belongs to the collective memory of many people including migrants who came to settle in France, and we are part of them, so we embrace it !! In this new musical adventure, we managed to get on board two old friends musicians based in Paris, SPIRAL VOICE aka Nicolas Calvet (Tuba, Vocal) and BRAKA (Drums, Vocal). Check our live performance videos !! Contacts






In London, I 've played again with my friend singer and guitar player, FRANCK ALBA (Piano Magic, Fire Flies). We 've done some gigs under the name of EYELEAD in the past. More recently, Franck's been collaborating with DANI CALI (Fire Flies) a great singer and song writer, playing acoustic guitar and electronics. Together they 've created their show KALIALBA, a great selection of original and cover songs, with a fine touch of electronics, including saxophones, percussion with kaoss pad. BIOS MUSICIENS + INTRO PDF

ALBA & ETMO "Magic Theatre" Live at Cafe 1001 Visuals by S.Malenfant

ETMO MEETS OSK : Music Videos by OSK from the album "Silver Liquid"

Etmo meets Osk entitled "Silver Liquid" released on Fotone records is the first recording of a serie of live recordings I’ve organised in London.





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